Business Segments

BILT services its customers’ needs for quality Paper – both in India as well as overseas.

Our paper touches our customers’ lives everyday. In more ways than they even know. Stationery, playing cards, high quality coated paper for brochures and magazines, currency notes, copier paper. We service these everyday instances across the length and breadth of the nation with our wide product portfolio ranging from basic to high-end specialty paper.


  • Coated Wood Free Paper
  • Uncoated Hi-bright Paper (Maplitho)
  • Business Stationery
  • Copy Paper
  • Speciality & Fine Paper

While these indicate our broad product segments, BILT also continuously focuses on serving customers with customised, value-added products to suit specific applications. With the acquisition of Sinar Mas’ Indian operations (BGPL), BILT has acquired world class coated paper capacities that find widespread application in the high end of the Indian usage market as well as developed overseas markets.