Corporate Milestone

BILT has demonstrated a tradition of leadership across six decades and three generations. Over the years, it has only emerged as a more dynamic, focused corporate leveraging its vast asset and knowledge pool to enhance shareholder value. Its pathway through the history can be summarized as follows:

  • 1945Ballarpur Paper and Straw Board Mills Limited incorporated. First brand names ‘Three Aces’ for paper and ‘Wisdom’ for stationary
  • corpmileimg21969Shree Gopal Paper Mills Limited. merges with Ballarpur Paper and Straw Board Mills Limited
  • 1975Entity name changed to Ballarpur Industries Limited
  • 1983Modernization of Ballarpur and ShreeGopal mills initiated
  • 1988Entry into industrial paper segment
  • 1989Inception of BILT TreeTech Limited. Reinforcement of commitment to Farm Forestry
  • 1990Sewa Paper Mills acquired
  • 1992Choudwar unit acquired
  • corpmileimg11994US $ 35 million FCCB Issue launched
  • 2000Business portfolio restructuring completed
  • 2001Sinar Mas Pulp and Paper (India) Limited acquired and renamed Bilt Graphic Papers Limited (BGPL)
  • 2002New Corporate Identity initiative. Genesis of BILT
  • 2003*BILT Graphic Papers Limited merged with BILT
    US $ 80 million raised through FCCB and GDS Issue