Shareholder Response Form

As part of our continuous endeavour to enhance the quality of shareholder services being provided by the company / transfer agent, we solicit your views and suggestions on the quality of the services being provided by the Company.

We will highly appreciate if you could spare some of your valuable time to provide us with feedback relating to the performance of the Company / Staff and / or the transfer agent.

The basic parameters that we define for our staff members while dealing with any shareholder communiqué are as under :

  • Response time
  • Quality and completeness of response
  • Personal initiative

On a qualitative front, we request you to indicate your rating of the Company’s various facets of Shareholders’ interaction as enumerated in the questionnaire below on a scale of 1 to 5 as under:

  • 1. Excellent
  • 2. Very Good
  • 3. Good
  • 4. Average
  • 5. Poor
  • Name *
  • Email
  • Folio No /DP ID & Client ID

1. Response Time for queries

2. Quality of Response

3. Quality of Annual Report

4. Content of Annual Report

5. Availability of news/ information regarding the company

6. Timely receipt of dividend / Annual Report and other correspondence from the company

7. Time taken for transfers / transmissions / demat

8. Staff’s (Company) attitude towards shareholders queries

9. Staff’s (Transfer Agent) attitude towards shareholders queries

Suggestions for improving the quality of services